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:: foreword ::.

Principal aim of ASF is to collect archival material concerning (mainly) the development of Physics in Italy after the second world war.

ASF features:
  • The digitalization of all relevant materials
  • Written documents saved in PDF format
  • Audio documents saved in MP3 format and accompanied by explanatory notes and abstracts
  • Photos saved in JPG and GIF formats
  • Biographies
A consistent fraction of the material will be put on the Web.

ASF owns the archive of Luigi Giulotto (1911-1986). [Donation by Gilda Olivelli Giulotto].
Part of Giulotto's archive will be put on the Web in due time. Here a test page.

ASF allows (through free registration) the access to the following databases:
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1855-1944)
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1946-1960)
  • Journal de Physisque (1896-1910)
  • Philosophical Magazine (1896-1910)
The databases contain all relevant data of the articles. Details in the introductory page of the databases.

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