Academic year 2018/2019 - PhD course on Quantum Computing

University of Pavia - Doctoral programme in Physics
PhD course on “Quantum Computing”

December 2018 - February 2019
Physics Department, via Bassi 6, Pavia

Teachers: C. Macchiavello, D. Gerace, D. Bajoni (University of Pavia),
I. Tavernelli (IBM Zurich), J.I. Latorre (Univ. Barcelona), F. Carminati (CERN)

Programme (updated 27/11/2018)

27/02/2019 - Thanks for your participation! For PhD students who are above the attendance threshold, it is time to plan the exams, which can consist of (1) a short seminar (about 10 min) on one of the course topics, or (2) the presentation of an exercise related to Quantum Experience.
There will be two exam sessions, on 15 April and on 12 June 2019, both in the mornings. Please fill in the exam enrollment form before 15 March, you will be contacted afterwards by the teachers.

Scope of the course: Quantum computation is becoming of greater and greater interest in computer science, mathematics, physical sciences and engineering. Quantum computers could soon provide breakthroughs in many disciplines, including the simulation and optimisation of complex systems, material design and drug discovery, and artificial intelligence. Already now, quantum computers are no longer objects merely described in books, as they have been realized in practice and open access to quantum chips has been made available by some companies (i.e. IBM, Rigetti). Quantum computers will likely lead to new avenues of technological innovations in communication, computation and cryptography. But to realise those breakthroughs, and to make quantum computers widely useable and accessible, we need to reimagine information processing and the machines that do it, and to reinvent new ways of coding. More than with an increase in computation speed, Quantum Computing deals with a severe change of paradigm.

The course aims at providing an introduction to Quantum Computing from the theoretical bases to main applications. It is addressed to PhD students in Physics and related areas (Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry) who wish to receive an introduction to the concepts and terminology used in Quantum Computing, to become familiar with the structure and operation of a Quantum Computer, and to understand the basic concepts of quantum programming.

Practical information: Participation to the course is free of charge. Lectures will be given in English. The location is Aula Dottorato, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Pavia, via Bassi 6. The course is mainly addressed to PhD students in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry... but other interested scientists (post-doc, staff researchers...) are welcome to participate as auditors, possibly of specific modules only. Interested people are asked to fill the registration form by 15 November 2018. The course programme is available here.

Attendance and exam: A certificate of attendance can be delivered, upon request, to registered participants. PhD students from University of Pavia or from other Universities may ask to take the exam, if their participation covers at least 80% of the lectures (seminars excluded). The exam can be given by presenting either a short code running on publicly available Quantum Machines, like IBM Quantum Experience, or by giving a seminar discussing in depth one of the topics presented during the lectures. PhD students who pass the final exam will be delivered a specific certificate. Please contact the course responsible, prof. Daniela Rebuzzi, or the PhD coordinator, prof. Lucio Andreani, for further information.

Photos: Module Chiara Macchiavello