Anthology of Italian Physics (1855-1944)
Bartoli Adolfo (1851 - 1896)
Papers on line:
A. Bartoli, Dimostrazione elementare di un teorema relativo alla teoria del raggiamento dato dal Prof. R. Clausius, Il Nuovo Cimento, 6 (1879), 265-276.
A. Bartoli, Il calorico raggiante e il secondo principio della termodinamica, Il Nuovo Cimento, 15 (1884), 193-202.
Papers in Il Nuovo Cimento:
papers by Adolfo Bartoli
Comment on the 1884 paper:

Bartoli's paper has been previously published in 1876, on a local magazine. Discussing an ideal experiment concerning thermal radiation, Bartoli showed that it is possible to transfer heat, by a cycle, from a body to another at a higher temperature. The second principle of thermodynamics requires that an equivalent work must be done. According to Bartoli, the "most simple hypothesis"- also if not unique - for explaining the origin of such a work, is that thermal radiation exerts a pressure. Bartoli's paper has been quoted by Boltzmann in his discussion of black-body radiation in 1884.

Bartoli's paper is discussed in: B. Carazza and H. Kragh, "Adolfo Bartoli and the Problem of Radiant Heat", Annals of Science, 46 (1989), 183-194.


Adolfo Bartoli was born in Firenze on March, 19, 1851.

He took the degree in Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Pisa on 1874.

He has been:
  • Pupil of Enrico Betti and Riccardo Felici at the Superior Normal School of Pisa
  • Assistant of Emilio Villari at the University of Bologna from 1876
  • Professor of Physics at the Technical Institute of Arezzo (starting from 1876)
  • Professor of Physics at the University of Sassari (starting from 1878)
  • Professor of Physics at the Technical Institute of Firenze (starting from 1879)
  • Professor of Physics at the University of Catania (from 1886 to 1893)
  • Professor of Physics at the University of Pavia (starting from 1893)
  • Member of the Scientific Academy of Turin
  • Member of the Italian Spectroscopic Society
Bartoli died in Pavia on July, 18, 1896.

In "Il Nuovo Cimento" Bartoli wrote 79 papers. Among them:
  • 16 on Specific Heat
  • 14 on Electrolysis
  • 13 on Electrical Conductivity
  • 10 on Thermodynamics
  • 5 on Electricity
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