Anthology of Italian Physics (1855-1944)
Matteucci Carlo (1811 - 1868)
Papers on line:
C. Matteucci, Risposta del professor C. Matteucci ad un quesito del Presidente della società agraria di Bologna sulla efficacia dei paragrandini, Il Nuovo Cimento, 1 (1855), 357-363.
C. Matteucci, Sull'induzione assiale; memoria di C. Matteucci, Il Nuovo Cimento, 10 (1859), 361-364.
C. Matteucci, Avvertimento, Il Nuovo Cimento, 21-2 (1865-66), 5-6.
C. Matteucci, Avvertimento, Il Nuovo Cimento, 25 (1867), 5-6.
A. De La Rive, Carlo Matteucci per A. De La Rive, 28 (1867), 384-389.
Papers in Il Nuovo Cimento:
papers by Carlo Matteucci
Carlo Matteucci was born in Forlì, Italy on June, 2, 1811.

He was the son of Vincenzo Matteucci, a physician, and Chiara Folfi.

He took the degree in Physics on 1828 at the University of Bologna.

Matteucci has been:
  • Student at the University of Bologna from 1825 to 1828
  • Student at the Sorbone (starting from October 1829)
  • Professor of Physics at the University of Bologna and later at Ravenna from 1831 to 1838
  • Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa (starting from 1840)
  • Founder of "Il Nuovo Cimento" with Raffaele Piria on 1855
  • Correspondent member of the Academy of Science of Paris (starting from 1857)
  • Minister of Public Education (1862)
  • One of the 15 members of Italian Scientifical Society (from 1866)
  • Professor at the Museum of Florence on 1868
Matteucci died in Ardenza, near Livorno, Italy on June, 24, 1868.


According to A. De La Rive, author of Matteucci's commemoration in "Il Nuovo Cimento", Matteucci wrote many papers on his electrophysiological investigations and on meteorology. Among them De La Rive stresses the importance of:
  • several papers on heat and electricity (1830)
  • the "Treatise of electrophysiological phenomena of the animals" (Trattato dei fenomeni elettrofisiologici degli animali) (1844)
  • the "Course of electrophysiology" (Corso di elettrofisilogia) (1857)
  • a tetxbook entitled "Special Course on Induction, Magnetism of Rotation and Diamagnetism" (Corso speciale sull'induzione, sul magnetismo di rotazione e sul diamagnetismo) (1858)
  • a paper on "Annales de Chimie et de Physique" entitled "Electro-physiological Researches applied to electrophysiology" (1868)
In "Il Nuovo Cimento", Matteucci wrote 46 papers. Among them:
  • 13 on Electricity
  • 5 on Electromagnetism
  • 4 on Metereology
  • 2 on Electrolysis
  • 3 on Geophysics
He was deeply involved in political affairs; he became senator for life and in 1862, as minister of Public Education, reorganized the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa as the first Italian Institute for advanced studies.

However, the main legacy of Matteucci has been the foundation of the scientific journal "Il Nuovo Cimento".
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