Anthology of Italian Physics (1855-1944)
Gentile Giovanni jr (1906 - 1942)
Papers on line:
G. Gentile, Le statistiche intermedie e le proprietÓ dell'elio liquido, Il Nuovo Cimento, 19 (1942), 109-125.
G. Polvani, Giovanni Gentile junior rievocato da Giovanni Polvani, Il Nuovo Cimento, 1 (1943), 155-160.
Papers in Il Nuovo Cimento:
papers by Giovanni jr Gentile
Giovanni Gentile was born in Napoli on 1906.

He was the son of the homonymous philosopher Giovanni Gentile.

He took the degree in Physics discussing a thesis on Schr÷dinger's equation on November 1927.

He has been:
  • Student of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Pisa (starting from 1923)
  • Assistant of Fermi in Roma (starting from 1927)
  • Pupil of Planck, Schr÷dinger and London at the University of Berlin (1929)
  • Pupil of Heisenberg at the University of Liepzig (1930)
  • Professor of Theoretical Physics in Pisa ( from October 1931)
  • Polvani's collaborator at the University of Milan (1936)
  • Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Milan (1937)
Gentile died in Milano on 1942.


Giovanni Polvani, author of Gentile's commemoration in "Il Nuovo Cimento", stresses the importance of:
  • a work with London on quantum theory of valence (1930)
  • a memoire on magnetic properties of crystals (1931)
  • a memoire on diffraction of light (1936)
  • a series of memories on quantum fields theory (1937)
  • a paper on intermediate statistics
  • a book on Nuclear Physics
  • a paper on Experimental Method published in the Italian Encyclopedia
  • a paper on Kantian philosophy
In "Il Nuovo Cimento", Gentile wrote 7 papers:
  • 3 on Quantum Physics
  • 2 on Statistical Physics
  • 1 on Electromagnetism
  • 1 on Optics
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