People Contributors
Giuseppe Giuliani,
born 1938. Formerly engaged in Solid State Physics research. About 1980, Giuliani switched to History, Philosophy and Foundations of Physics.

A list of selected publications by Giuseppe Giuliani here.

Publications in History, Philosophy and Foundations of Physics here.

List of publications in solid state physics here.

From October 2005 to December 2011 he has been vice director of the Giornale di Fisica and of the Quaderni di Storia della Fisica.

Giancarlo Campagnoli,
born 1940. Associate professor at the University of Pavia since 1983. Teaching activity: i) on group theory (undergraduate and graduate physics students); ii) on quantum mechanics (undergraduate mathematics students); iii) on electromagnetism (undergraduate chemistry students). Past research activity: mainly on solid state physics. Present research activity: on history of solid state physics in Pavia within the project "For a History of Italian Physics: 1945 - 1965".
Antonio Casella,
born 1947. Degree in Philosophy. Professor at a High School (Milan). He is engaged in the research project "For a History of Italian Physics: 1945 - 1965". He will study the general political, economic and social context in connection with the development of the scientific disciplines. Publications here.
Mary Antoniazzi,
born 1968. She has studied the treatment of waves, particles and fields in contemporary textbooks of electromagnetism.
Letizia Bazzani,
born 1976. She has classified the articles of IL NUOVO CIMENTO (1946-1964) within the research project "For a History of Italian Physics: 1945 - 1965" and the articles of the PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE (1896-1910).
Ilaria Bonizzoni,
born 1970. Degree in Mathematics. Research activity: some topics of history of modern Physics (quanta and relativity); the development of Condensed Matter Physics in Italy within the project "For a History of Italian Physics: 1945 - 1965". Publications here.

Silvana Galdabini,
born 1941. Formerly Physics teacher at High Schools. Principal publications here.
Ivana Gambaro,
born 1952. Degree in Physics and then in History. Formerly Physics teacher, then Philosophy and History teacher in Genoa High Schools. She has been CNR researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, research Associate at CERN, and then CNRS researcher at la Villette (Paris). Now she is working at the SSIS of the University of Genoa (Scuola di Specializzazione per l'Insegnamento Secondario). She is engaged in the research project "For a History of Italian Physics: 1945 - 1965". Principal publications here.
Cristiana Sotti,
born 1975. Degree in Physics. She has built up the Anthology of Italian Physics for this site and has digitalized a big part of Luigi Giulotto's archive. See: History of Physics Archives.
Paolantonio Marazzini,
(1940-2013). Formerly Physics teacher at a High School. He has published several textbooks of Physics for High Schools students. His publications in History of Physics can be found here.
Luca Trusiani,
born 1976. Webmaster of History of Physics Archives site and of Paths of Physics site.
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