Main topics of interest are:
  • the problem of scientific realism
  • the relation between Science and Common Sense
  • the role of the "images of the world" in Science (and daily life)
  • the conceptual foundations of Physics
Realism as a methodological problem A. Casella and G. Giuliani
Physics and realism-The role of measurements-Untenable realistic stands-A tempered realism.
On Realism and Quantum Mechanics G. Giuliani.
The Philosophy of Physics of an Engineer G. Giuliani, Proceedings of the International Symposium "Galileo Ferraris and the conversion of energy. Development of electrical engineering over a century", Torino, October 27-29, 1997, pp. 55-74.
The Philosophy of Physics of Galileo Ferraris-Its relation with Hertz's Philosophy of Science.
What physicists are talking about? The case of electrons and holes G. Giuliani, in A. Balzarotti, A. Frova, U.M. Grassano (eds)., Solid State Physics, Il Nuovo Cimento 20D, (1998), 1183-1186. Volume in Honour of Gianfranco Chiarotti.
Realistic stands and the historical case of electrons and holes.
Scientific Thought and Common Sense A. Casella and G. Giuliani; presented at the Conference Science as Culture Como-Pavia, 15-19 September 1999.
La Filosofia della Fisica di alcuni fisici italiani: Ferraris, Righi, Garbasso, Corbino, Fermi - dal volume: Il Nuovo Cimento. Novant'anni di Fisica in Italia: 1855-1944 - G. Giuliani, Pavia, 1996, 40-76.
The Philosophy of Physics of five Italian Physicists: Ferraris, Righi, Garbasso, Corbino, Fermi.
La Fisica e le immagini del mondo I. Bonizzoni, A. Casella e G. Giuliani, La Fisica nella Scuola, XXXII, 3 Supplemento, (1999), 43-45. Physics and the images of the world.
Heinrich Hertz: fisica, metodo e filosofia, G. Giuliani. In: Roberto Clemens Galletti di Cadillac, pioniere della telegrafia senza fili, (a cura di Mario Guidone e Clara Muzzarelli Formentini), Fermo 2001, pp. 111-119.

Contributions by Angelo Loinger (not only in Philosophy)

Logical certainty and empirical certainty, Angelo Loinger
On the relativistic concept of Bildraum, Angelo Loinger and Tiziana Marsico
On De Sitter's model of spinning sphere and its frame-dragging effect, Angelo Loinger and Tiziana Marsico
Motions and rest in General Relativity. A historical-critical note, Angelo Loinger
The World could not be born from a fluctuation of a quantum vacuum, Angelo Loinger
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