Ticino river
The Research Group:
Giuseppe Giuliani, Mary Antoniazzi, Letizia Bazzani, Ilaria Bonizzoni, Antonio Casella, Silvana Galdabini, Ivana Gambaro, Cristiana Sotti, Giancarlo Campagnoli (left) and Giuseppe Giuliani.
Paolo Mascheretti
Pictures from the Meeting "The Origins of Solid State Physics in Italy: 1945-1960",
Pavia, 21-24 September 1987:
André Guinier gives his lecture
Sir Nevill Mott gives his lecture
Frederick Seitz gives his lecture
Seitz, Bassani and Chiarotti (from left)
Tagliaferri, Bassani, Galdabini and Quédec (from left)
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