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Research interests: Experimental Study of Condensed Matter Physics. In particular: - over three decades activity on characterisation and study by optical spectroscopy techniques of optical, electronic and vibrational properties of semiconductor based systems. - Specific expertise on research areas concerning: impurities and microprecipitates in silicon; optical properties of bulk and epitaxial III-V semiconductor alloys; thermodynamics and electronic levels in metallic and semiconducting nanoparticles; strain, composition and confinement effects on low-dimensional III-V semiconductor heterostructures. - Technical expertise in Electroreflectance (ER), Photoreflectance (PR), Thermoreflectance (TR), Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) and IR absorption.

Teaching: Optics - 1st level degree in Physics (previous teaching:Physics - 1st level degree in Pharmacy)

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A Misure elettriche ed elettroniche (Tecniche di neurofisiopatologia)

A Misure elettriche ed elettroniche (Tecniche di radiologia medica, per immagini e radioterapia)

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