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Adjunct professor (professore aggregato)

Office location: room 2-67

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Telephone: +39 0382 987496

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Research interests: My research activity in NMR-NQR group is focused on different subjects. The main research areas are, at the moment: high Tc superconductors, low-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets and ferromagnets such as planes, chains, clusters and magnetic nanoparticles. The electronic and lattice properties of the solids are investigated through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Muon Spin Rotation (MUSR), DC susceptibility, magnetization and specific heat measurements. The magnetic nanoparticles (para- and superparamagnetic) as contrast agents for MRI, biosensors and problems related to MRI and other application in the field of biomedicine are studied with NMR technique, magnetization measurements and in vitro MRI tests.


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Insegnamenti del docente Manuel Mariani:

A Fisica applicata (Tecniche di fisiopatologia cardiocircolatoria e perfusione cardiovascolare)

T Introduzione alla fisica dei solidi

M Strumentazione fisica biosanitaria