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Michele Livan

Michele LIVAN

Full professor

Office location: room 1-40

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Telephone: +39 0382 987688

Research interests: Experimental High Energy Physics with Lepton and Hadron Colliders. Hadronic Physics, Standard Model, SUSY, R&D on Electromagnetic Calorimetry and high precision Hadron Calorimetry, Gas Detectors (MWPC, Drift Chambers, Wireless detectors)

Teaching: Electromagnetism I (Degree in Physics), Particle Detectors (M. Sci. In Physical Sciences), Radiation and Particle Detection (PhD in Physics) - Elettromagnetismo I (Laurea in Fisica), Rivelatori di Particelle (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Fisiche), Rivelatori di Radiazione e Particelle (Dottorato di Ricerca in Fisica)

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T Elettromagnetismo I

M Rivelatori di particelle