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Research interests: The main research interests has been on ionizing radiation effects on biological systems, in particular in the development of models and simulations, experiment designs and data analysis, relative to: radionuclide transport in atmosphere after nuclear explosions and accidents; dose estimates in organs, short- and long-term effects on humans; cell growth, inactivation, transformation and chromosomal aberrations after in vitro irradiation, and their dependence on radiation characteristics, dose rate etc.; radiation induced DNA damage and repair processes; bystander effects; radiation track structure and transport codes (coupled with anthropomorphic phantoms). Specific attention is now given to: theoretical and experimental basic research on the effects of low doses of ionizing radiation of different qualities (with systems radiation biology approaches); clinic radiobiology for the optimization of radiotherapy treatment plans (risk of complications and secondary tumours).

Teaching: i) Medical Physics for the 6-year degree course in Medicine and Surgery; ii) Radiobiology for the three-year degree courses in Medical Radiology Techniques, Imaging and Radiotherapy; iii) Radiobiology for the Master s degree in Physics (coordinated with the Course on Modelling radiation effects... , see below) iv) Ionizing Radiations and Biological Structures: Theory and Applications for the PhD students at the Graduate School of Physics (see the Course on Modelling radiation effects... , see below); v) Director (and lecturer) of the International Course on Modelling radiation effects from initial physical events - Learning modelling approaches and techniques in radiation biophysics and radiobiology research, from basic mechanisms to applications.

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A Fisica medica (Medicina e Chirurgia)

M Radiobiologia

A Radiobiologia medica (Tecniche di radiologia medica, per immagini e radioterapia)