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Vittorio Bellani

Vittorio BELLANI

Adjunct professor (professore aggregato)

Office location: room 2-03

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Telephone: +39 0382 987685

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Research interests: We study the physics of quantum and topological materials using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy & Spectroscopy and other experimental techniques. We explore their basic physics and their application in quantum technology. Our experiments include elastic/inelastic light scattering, photoluminescence and local/non-local electrical transport in quantizing magnetic fields. We do ourselves experiments in the extreme quantum limit at temperatures down to 20 milliKelvin, static magnetic fields up to 45 Tesla, pulsed up to 100 Tesla and with infrared/Terahertz radiation from free electron lasers; for these experiments we use instrumentation at international research infrastructures.

Teaching: Applied physics (B.Sc.) Physics of solid state electronic devices (M.Sc.)

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