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Alessandro MENEGOLLI

Adjunct professor (professore aggregato)

Office location: room 0-07

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Telephone: +39 0382 987413

Other contacts: +39 0382 987576

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Research interests: My research interests concern mainly neutrino oscillation physics. I am involved in the ICARUS T600 Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber (LAr TPC) experiment for neutrino oscillation physics with CNGS neutrino beam from CERN to Gran Sasso laboratories. I have been experienced on LAr TPC both from the point of view of the hardware (cryogenics, mechanics, scintillation light detection) and of the software (ICARUS T600 data analysis). I also dedicate my research activities to develop the LAr TPC technique in view of new proposed neutrino oscillation experiments at CERN and in USA.

Teaching: I am chair of the course of Laboratory of Nuclear and Sub-Nuclear Physics II for the Degree in Physics.

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Insegnamenti del docente Alessandro Menegolli:

A Fisica medica e radioprotezione (Infermieristica)

M Laboratorio di fisica nucleare e Subnucleare II

M Radioattività II