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Adjunct professor (professore aggregato)

Office location: room 2-67

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Telephone: +39 0382 987487

Research interests: My research activity in NMR-NQR group is focused on Solid State and Applied Physics investigated through NMR, FFC NMR, Time-Domaine 1H NMR, MUSR, MRI, DC susceptibility, magnetization and specific heat measurements. The main topics in Solid State Physics are: the magnetic properties and spin dynamics in low-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets and ferromagnets such as chains and clusters. The main subjects in Applied Physics regard: the characterization of para- and superparamagnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents for MRI and hyperthermic agents, problems related to MRI and other application in the field of biomedicine; the study of topics related to porous materials and biological systems for Health Physics and of interest for Cultural Heritage such as biosensors, stone and rocks of interest for Cultural Heritage.


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