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Giacomo Prando

Giacomo PRANDO

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Research interests: My research activity concerns magnetism and superconductivity in condensed matter from an experimental perspective. I have focused on the microscopic study of electronic phase diagrams and of the coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in iron-based pnictides using local-probe magnetic spectroscopies. I have studied physical phenomena characteristic of the superconducting phase as well, such as the vortex motion and the amplitude and/or phase fluctuations of the superconducting order parameter. I have worked on electronic phase diagrams and magnetic properties of strongly-correlated electron systems such as cuprates and iridium-based oxides. I have investigated the exotic magnetism arising in geometrically-frustrated magnets on pyrochlore lattices (spin-ice). More recently, I have focused on the properties of ultrafast molecular rotors embedded in metal-organic frameworks. See full CV for further details.

Teaching: I am currently teaching two courses. 1- "Struttura della materia", exercises (three-year Bachelor programme in Physics). 2- "Magnetismo e superconduttività", module on phase transitions and module on superconductivity (two-year M.Sci. programme in Physical Sciences).

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M Magnetismo e superconduttività

T Struttura della materia