Dipartimento di eccellenza

10 gennaio 2018 - Il Dipartimento di Fisica è ammesso al finanziamento ministeriale dei Dipartimenti di eccellenza, che avranno cospicue risorse nel quinquennio 2018-2022 per personale, strumentazione e didattica di alta qualificazione.

Comunicato MIUR - Comunicato ANVUR - Graduatoria dipartimenti di eccellenza.

La valutazione è stata determinata per il 70% sulla base dell'indicatore di performance dipartimentale (ISPD) e per il 30% sulla base di un progetto di sviluppo. Il progetto del Dipartimento di Fisica si articola su due filoni riguardanti “Fisica biomedica” e “Fisica quantistica”. Per una descrizione del progetto si veda l'intervista al Direttore del Dipartimento nella rivista ricerca@unipv, 3 luglio 2018.

08 May 2018 - Indications for PhD candidates: One of the fellowships of the PhD call in Physics for 2018 (deadline 13 June, see web page) is funded by the Department of excellence on either “Biomedical physics” or “Quantum physics”. The themes are rather general and can include experimental as well as theoretical activities. A short description follows:

Biomedical physics - The project is centered on the development of novel cancer therapies which combine the use of particle treaments, as in the case of BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy), with the hyperthermia induced by magnetic nanoparticles. These studies can involve also the development of powerful preclinical diagnostic approaches, like DNP (dynamical nuclear polarization) and SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography), as well as the implementation of advanced codes for the simulation of the effect of particle beams in vivo.

Quantum physics - The project deals with fundamental studies of quantum physics (foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information, quantum computing and simulation, quantum communication...) and with their realization in photonic systems like integrated silicon waveguides, photonic crystals, micro- and nanocavities. The development of quantum research towards applications is especially interesting in connection with the EU Flagship on Quantum Tecnologies, which will provide strong opportunities for international collaborations and for additional funding.