Please look at the Italian version for the current news and open calls. Please contact Lorenzo Maccone for further information.

Current bilateral agreements with the Physics department (possible destinations):

Current catalog (pdf) (excel)

Other destinations: contact the delegate, Lorenzo Maccone: it is possible to add new bilateral agreements, but it is necessary to do it before January 31 of the academic year during which one wants to travel (please contact the local delegate at least two months earlier than this cutoff date!).
Procedure to activate new bilateral agreements.

Incoming (to Pavia):

All incoming colloquia and paperwork must be performed at the university of origin.

All practical informations for incoming students can be found on the University web site:
Before the arrival,
at the arrival,
during your stay,
at the end of your stay.

Outgoing (from Pavia):

Information on the Erasmus *Studio* (Erasmus for following courses and/or working on your thesis abroad).

Information on the program *Traineeship* (Erasmus for a training period abroad, available also to students that have already obtained their degree).

Information on *Erasmus Mundus* (Erasmus outside Europe).
(N.B.: from 2015/16 Erasmus Mundus will cease to exist, but the program Erasmus Studio above will be extended also to extra-European countries, for traveling to Partner Countries)

For more information, please contact the local coordinator.

Local coordinator: Lorenzo Maccone, maccone @ unipv . it

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