The Department of Physics organizes and manages the undergraduate courses for the three-year Bachelor programme in Physics (the Italian Laurea Triennale in Fisica) and for the two-year M.Sci. programme in Physical Sciences (the Italian Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Fisiche). The Department contributes to teaching for other schools and departments, such as Biology, Biotechnologies, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Medicine, Earth Sciences. All information is available under the heading Didattica. The Department promotes the Master in Hadrontherapy and participates in the activities of the IUSS - University Institute for Advanced Studies.

Language information - The Physics Department has activated an English-friendly programme in order to promote internationalization and to facilitate enrolment of foreign students, especially for the M.Sci. Basically, most courses of the M.Sci. in Physical Sciences (and some courses of the Bachelor in Physics) can be given in English upon students' request, the textbooks of these courses are in English and also the exams can be sustained in English.

Erasmus programme - Please see the dedicated web page.

The Physics Department organizes the Doctoral School in Physics. The PhD in Physics is held in English and is organized in three curricula:

Every year several positions, open to applicants of any age and nationality, are publicly advertised to select PhD candidates. For information please refer to the University web page and to the PhD in Physics web site.