M. Sci. in Physical Sciences

The M.Sci in Physical Sciences (Laurea Magistrale in Scienze Fisiche) program aims at providing a more advanced research oriented education in physics, as well as the basic knowledge of the most relevant theoretical and experimental methods used nowadays in physical sciences. Students attending the two year Master program will deepen their knowledge in physics acquired during the three years of B.Sc. in Physics (Laurea in Fisica) or equivalent, and will be guided towards their first research activity which culminates with the diploma thesis. The M.Sci. in Physical Sciences is organized in five different curricula, each one of them corresponding to one of the main research areas that are active at the Physics Department:

The program offers a wide choice of courses within each curriculum, allowing the student to acquire a significant know-how within each specific sector. Our program is highly flexible and it allows also to suitably combine courses from different curricula in order to obtain a desired ad-hoc education in physics. After the M.Sci. degree, students may find an employment either in the private or public sectors, or they may acquire a more advanced education through the Ph.D. program in Physics.

The courses of Master program in Physical Sciences are usually in Italian, however the majority of these courses fall within the English-friendly programme and can be given in English upon students' request. The textbooks of these courses are in English and also the exams can be sustained in english.

In order to access the M.Sci. program in Physical Sciences, students must have obtained the equivalent of a Bachelor degree in Physics. Applicants should first pass an admission interview (next 25th of September 2015) where their background knowledge in physics is assessed by a committee, and then register online from the 1th to the 15th of October 2015. For further details please contact Prof. Pietro Carretta (pietro.carretta@unipv.it, tel. 0382 987478).