Group members - for contact details see department web page

Professor Angiolino Stella, who has been leader of the experimental group for many years, Emeritus, has terminated his second term as Rector of the University of Pavia.

Professor Giorgio Guizzetti, who has been responsible of the Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory for many years, has recently become Emeritus of the University of Pavia.

Lucio Claudio Andreani, full professor

Franco Marabelli, full professor

Mario Geddo, associate professor

Maddalena Patrini, associate professor

Matteo Galli, associate professor

Dario Gerace, associate professor

Marco Liscidini, associate professor

Daniele Bajoni(*), associate professor

D. Comoretto(**), associate professor

Lucia Fornasari, post-doctoral fellow

Salvatore Del Sorbo, PhD student

Matteo Menotti, PhD student

Saeid Rafizadeh, PhD student

Daniele Aurelio, PhD student

Marco Passoni, PhD student

Micol Previde Massara, PhD student

Gianluca Timò, RSE employee and PhD student

Marco Clementi, PhD student

Francesco Garrisi, PhD student

Francesco Tacchino, PhD student

Nicola Bergamasco, PhD student

Federico Andrea Sabattoli, PhD student

Former members:

Mario Agio (now Professor at University of Siegen, Germany)

Filippo Alpeggiani (now at TU Delft, The Netehrlands)

Paolo Andrich (now PhD student at University of California Santa Barbara)

Stefano Azzini (now post-doc at Université de Lyon)

Alessandra Balestreri (now at ARPA Lombardia)

Michele Belotti (now Software architect at Thales Alenia Space, Gerlingen, Germany)

Angelo Bozzola (now at Cognex International Inc, Milano)

Martin Burger

Lee Carroll (now at Tyndall Institute, Cork, Ireland)

Carlo Comaschi (now at Eni S.p.A., Gas and Power division)

Celestino Creatore (now at Cambridge University)

Giacomo Dacarro (now contract researcher at Dept. Chemistry, UNIPV)

Stefania D'Agostino (now at IIT-Lecce)

Sara Ferretti

Francesco Floris (now post-doc at Tyndall Institute, Cork, Ireland)

Sthy Warren Flores Daorta

Juan Francisco Galisteo Lopez (now at CSIC, Sevilla, Spain)

Silvia Giudicatti (now post-doctoral researcher at IFW Dresden, Germany)

Davide Grassani (now at EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland)

Piotr Adam Kowalczewski (now at XTPL, Wroclaw, Poland)

Roberto Lo Savio (now at University of Genova)

Tonia Losco

Ivan Maksymov (now at the Australian National University, Canberra)

Davide Mascoli

Valentina Morandi (now at Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge)

Camilla Irine Mura (now at ST Microelectronics)

Eva Pavarini (now Professor at Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany)

Stefano Pirotta (now at IEF-CNRS, Université Paris-Sud)

Simone Luca Portalupi (now at University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Scott Robertson

Angelica Simbula (now postdoc fellow at ST Microelectronics)

Maria Camelia Ungureanu

Giulia Urbinati

Gabriele Vecchi

Simone Zanotto (now at CNR-Nano, Pisa)

(*)Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering, University of Pavia

(**)University of Genova