We studied experimentally the fractional quantum Hall effect of composite Fermions in graphene on hBN. Magneto-transport at magnetic fields up to 30 Tesla allows to investigate the parton fractional quantum Hall states. CMD30 FisMat2023.

We investigated the use of graphene nanoribbons for light polarization control in silicon photonic-integrated waveguides. The tapering of a standard waveguide can then be harnessed to create devices with TE-pass or TM-pass polarizing functionalities. Materials 15, 8739 (2022).

We used the quantum computer D-Wave to study topological transitions in graphene and 2D materials. The Hamiltonian of the system is represented as a graph which is embedded into the D-Wave hardware topology with a given connectivity degree. Quantum Computing @ INFN (14–15 Nov 2022).

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