Release of PhC slab code - June 2006

A free release of photonic crystal slab software is available. It consists of a guided-mode expansion (GME) code for calculating photonic band dispersion and diffraction losses in PhC slabs, and of a 2D plane-wave expansion (PWE2D) code for comparison with photonic bands in 2D. Code documentation and tutorial exercises are also included.

You may download the software package gme-june06.tar.gz (compressed tar/winzip archive, 1.8 MB) plus lecture notes (pdf file, 2.2 MB) or gme-june06.tar (full non-compressed archive, 11.3 MB). Look at the file README in the archive for further information.

The codes are meant to be run under Linux: if you are using Windows, you will probably need a Linux emulator with fortran compiler.

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